Term 1: August – December 2024

  • School reopens: Thursday 29th August **
  • Half day closure at 12:30pm: TBC
  • Autumn Break: 28th October – 3rd November
  • 12pm closure for Winter Break: Friday 20th December

Term 2: January – March 2025

  • School reopens: Monday 6th January
  • St. Brigid’s Day closure: Monday 3rd February
  • Mid-term Break: 17th February – 21st February
  • Half day closure at 12:30pm: TBC
  • St. Patricks Day closure: Monday 17th March
  • 12pm closure for Spring Break: Friday 11th April

Term 3: April – June 2025

  • School reopens: Monday 28th April
  • May bank Holiday closure: Monday 5th May
  • June Bank Holiday closure: Monday 2nd June
  • Half day closure at 12:30pm: TBC
  • 12pm closure for Summer Break: Thursday 26th June

** Junior Infants school day is 8:50 – 12pm from Thursday 29th August to Wednesday 11th September.  From 12th September Junior Infants school day is 8:50am – 1:30pm

Parents/ Guardians are actively discouraged from taking holidays outside of the above schedule. The school is
obliged by law to inform Túsla when a pupil is absent for a total of 20 school days in one school year. It is widely
accepted that there is a direct link between school attendance and pupil progress. Your cooperation with maintaining
high attendance and punctuality is greatly appreciated. We look forward to another great year together!