Painting Peacocks

Senior Infants 2 got their hands dirty painting peacocks!

May’s Aistear theme is ‘The Zoo’ and Senior Infants are having so much fun learning about all the zoo animals. This week we did some research about Peacocks. We were fascinated to learn that: 

  • A baby peacock is called a peachick. 
  • Peacocks cannot swim.
  • Peacocks eat ants, crickets, and termites!
  • Peacocks are omnivores (they eat meat and plants).
  • Peacocks lovely tails are called their train. 


Armed with all our ‘Peacock Trivia’ we were ready to get painting. Using our hands we printed the peacock’s train after we coloured the peacock’s body, we used our fingers to add a little bit of extra colour to our colourful birds and then our peacocks got some googly woogly eyes to finish them off.